Written by Tomas

August 27, 2020

Metaphors, and their influence, can be constructive or destructive. 

Metaphors and their influence affect you and others, when you adopt a metaphor you adopt a set of rules and behaviors. They affect the way you and others feel. Change the way other people see you.  

Life is…
A dance

My body is…
A temple
A vehicle for growth

Be careful about accepting other people’s metaphors as your own. 

Whatever you focus on changes the way you feel. 

Be careful when you use a destructive metaphor, know that they are not real, they are just a figure of speech and can distort reality. So distort it back to a positive note. 

Remember…when people use metaphors, they are highly suggestable.  

So, if people say I’m at the end of my rope. Say ok, then put it down. (Interrupt the pattern!)  

If a metaphor is not working, change it! 

Some of my favorite metaphors:

  • Life is like the seasons, right now it’s winter but spring is coming soon and you can plant your garden.
  • Stonecutter- it might take a 1000 hits but on that thousandth hit the boulder breaks in half. 
  • Wrench on a fire hydrant- I’m going to keep pushing hard until its gushing out and it won’t stop flowing! 

Remember that metaphors apply to certain circumstances, not all. 

Be a master of metaphor! 

To learn more contact Tomas German-Palacios at tomas@theheartfocusedlife.com or 970-946-2036. Tomas is a HeartMath® Trainer, Coach and Heart Ambassador.  

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