Written by Tomas

August 27, 2020

Everyone has the potential to be great. The path to greatness begins by discovering your life’s purpose. This question is profound, and once answered it will provide you with clarity that will continue to guide you through all of life’s challenges and to appreciate life’s gifts with an abundance of joy. By far discovering, honoring, and living your purpose is the most important action successful people do.  Not only will your purpose lead you to success, but it will also lead you to fulfillment. 

The process for discovering your purpose begins with looking within yourself. Explore the things that make you happy and which you do naturally. When we came into this world, we already had a meaningful and deep purpose, it is not something you make. It is something you must discover.  You can begin by taking some quiet time for yourself and ask, What is my purpose or passion? What do I do or like to do that comes with ease? For me, I love to help others to learn, grow, and improve their lives. I accomplish that by coaching skills in resiliency, well-being, and nutrition. I have always felt my heart grow when I help others to be a better version of themselves. 

The next step is to begin to dive deep. You ask yourself WHY. Why am I passionate about this? Why does it have meaning to me? Why do you love to do this? Continue to ask yourself why until your answer has a deep and personal meaning to you.  You may have a strong emotional feeling associated with this WHY, that is good, it will continue to drive you forward! 

The process for discovering your purpose begins with looking within yourself.

Now write it down! This is your purpose or personal mission statement. It encompasses all that you desire in you and for the world, as well as the byproducts that it will produce. This statement is “alive,” in that it will grow and change as you do.  

Follow your intuition. Follow your heart. Your heart is your internal guidance system. If you listen intently it will always guide you to where you want to go. First, you must be clear and honest with yourself about where you are now and where you want to be in the end. This is your personal vision based upon your purpose.  Begin to feel the success you desire now, feel it often throughout the day, every day. 

Stay focused and clear on your purpose, when you do, the How will show up at just the right time and not a moment sooner. Your inner guidance system is aligned with your purpose and will show you when you are on purpose by producing joy. 

Take the time to honestly ask yourself where you currently are in your life and what you want to do with your life: 

  • How is your health, physically, emotionally, spiritually?
  • What are your relationships like?
  • Are you honest and respectful and do others perceive you this way?
  • What is your financial status?
  • Do you derive personal satisfaction and enrichment from your occupation?
  • Do you make time to expand your knowledge and skills?
  • Are the environments you spend your time in pleasant and stimulating, supporting your overall well-being?

Now think where you would like it to be, place yourself there, envision yourself there.  

Imagine, feel, hear, and even taste your perfect life.  What would you do for work and to contribute to the world? Where would you live? Who would be around you? What would you do for fun? Continue to do this exercise often, by doing so you will be creating powerful systems in your subconscious mind to help you get there. 

Take time to think deeply about the times in your life which have produced bliss, joy, and fulfillment. Begin with your earliest memories in life. Perhaps a toy or vacation you took as a child. Perhaps scoring a goal in a crucial soccer match.  By taking a full account of all the experiences which have given you joy you can find your purpose and better define the actions you need to take to get there. 

Create the goals you need to accomplish in order to live your purpose. Organize and develop all your activities around your purpose. Everything you do should be an expression of your purpose. If it is not, change how you do it or don’t do it at all.  Be kind to yourself, know that this is most important in achieving your professional goals, you may need to be flexible or adjust in your personal life.   

Living your purpose will take great effort, require consistency, and determination. Don’t give up! Keep focused and your life will change in miraculous ways! 

To learn more contact Tomas German-Palacios at tomas@theheartfocusedlife.com or 970-946-2036. Tomas is a HeartMath® Trainer, Coach and Heart Ambassador.  

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