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The Resilience Advantage™ program is customizable to your organizational needs. 

Over the past several decades the organizations and the people that make them up, have had to have the ability to adapt to the vast changes occurring in the world and within their specific business industries. These organizations have not only been the ones to survive, they have been the organizations to THRIVE and become industry leaders. We can all think of several examples of these organizations (DuPont, Nokia, and Apple to name a few). These abilities are learned capacities and one that is specifically focused on in the training below.

This training has been given at major hospital systems, government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and the US Navy with significant results increasing performance and decreasing anxiety, stress, absenteeism, and on the job accidents.

The training can be delivered 100% via Zoom. The Resilience Advantage™ program speaks to the heart of people’s everyday experience. The program addresses important topics such as vitality, stress, motivation, decision-making, relationships and health. In this era of accelerated global change, the need for people to learn evidence-based skills and practical strategies to improve resilience, vitality and overall well-being, while lowering stress has never been greater. Resilience-building skills are becoming essential for both personal and professional effectiveness as people cope to live in these fast-moving, complex times. The Resilience Advantage™ Program creates a lot of intrigue and take-home value for attendees. Many new ideas are presented which when woven in and around concepts of science, reflective activities and practical strategies and techniques, can motivate participants to make deep and meaningful changes within their lives. There are many studies that document the positive changes individuals have made, adding credibility to this program. Research is available at

Below is a short list of benefits:

  • Ability to adapt quickly 
  • Increased ability to focus, listen, process information and find solutions
  • Enhanced ability to handle challenging patients and situations
  • Improved creativity & innovation
  • Increased regenerative sleep, resilience, and vitality
  • Greater situational awareness building rapport and relationships
  • Access to intuition for effective decision making on complex issues
  • Increased employee satisfaction, well-being, and morale

From Scientific Studies:

  • 38%  improvement in calmness^
  • 30% improvement in sleep^
  • 25% improvement in listening ability*
  • 24% improvement in ability to focus*
  • 17% improvement in ability to manage conflict*
  • 56% decrease in depression*

*Sustained improvements in 1400 employees at five global companies after 6-12 months following HeartMath® training.

^Improvements in mental and emotional well-being in over 11,500 people in just 6-9 weeks using HeartMath® training and technology

Creating Coherent Sustainable Workplaces

Nearly every executive in American organizations today is struggling to find effective, sustainable solutions to the spiraling costs of five major issues: health care and benefits, disability, sick time, productivity, and retention. 

HeartMath research indicates there is a sixth essential healthy behavior that supports and energizes all the others: reducing stress.

Impact of HeartMath® Research, Techniques and Technology

Every heart holds wisdom and intelligence that can help guide each of us through adversities. By accessing our heart’s intelligence, creative ways can be found to bring balance and rhythm to these challenges. Every life has its challenge. Every heart has an answer. -HeartMath®️

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